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Eurotubi's Clamp Bands

The easiest way to connect flanged tubes. Eurotubi's clamp bands, in electro-galvanized or stainless AISI 409 STEEL, are available in a wide range of sizes and answer all assembly demands. We paid particular attention to the shape and geometry, studied in order to guarantee solid, fast, easy and ergonomic locking.


The BasicClamp that we all know. An easy and inexpensive clamp band, built in a U-profile designed to make assembly of flanged tubes easier. The holes of rectangular section (anti-rotation) facilitate the tightening and coupling of the bolts. The BasicClamp is an excellent choice for areas where the assembly area is easy to negotiate in and will more than likely continue to be the best value (the bolts are not supplied).


Easy, solid and ergonomic - The EasyClamp is the logical development of a succesful design of the standard clamp band. EasyClamp is manufactured with high quality steel, using a bolt system and jointed studs that guarantee a perfect closing. Avoid the loss or dropping of bolts during the assembly process, as the bolts are already assembled and connected, saving assembly time.


QuickClamp is built on the same platform as the EasyClamp yet includes another feature with the Lever system handle for fast locking and unlocking of flanges. The closing lever system is designed with a cotter pin lock to avoid accidental opening. The locking / unlocking operation is performed with one hand and is ideal for tough-to-reach areas or where frequent maintenance is needed, saving assembly time.
Put a STOP to lost or dropped nuts and bolts!
The EasyClamp and QuickClamp connect flanges without using bolts, optimizing time and work quality.