Steel tube cable conduits

Eurotubi manufactures galvanized tubes from Ø 28 to Ø 300 mm with thicknesses 1 - 1.2 - 1.5 - 2 - 3 mm, according to EN 10305.3, used as cable conduits protection (EURONORM 142/95 and 147/91).

Our electro-welded galvanized steel tubes are designed for cable conduits protection in electric installations.

These tubes, also known as TAZ tubes, are suitable for static applications where high mechanical protection and resistance to minimum and maximum temperature in permanent regimes is required.

Cable ducts systems are composed of a variety of tubes with different sizes intended for conductors or cables protection in electric or telecommunication systems.

Our tubes have excellent resistance to chemical agents and corrosion, therefore they are the ideal solution in the energy sector. For example, our steel tubes for cable conduits are resistant to petrol, industrial cleaners, lubricating oils, emulsifying solutions ans solvents.

We supply 2, 3, 4 and 6 meters lenght tubes with or without marking.

How can we benefit your business?

Lightness = Saving

We manufacture light tubes with the goal of improving the handling of the product and reducing your operating costs

It is known that the lightness of the finished product and cost containment is important for installers – Eurotubi is able to offer all the tubes you want with ultra-thin thicknesses below the commercial average.

Thanks to the close relationship with our customers, we know that who makes tube, appreciates lightness as a competitive advantage.

Eurotubi has always been careful to produce high-tech products that allow its customers to save money and protect operating technicians in dangerous situations. This is why we want to offer you tubes with ultra-thin thicknesses, lower than the commercial average. Lower weight means more manageability – more safety – time optimization and lower galvanizing costs.


We manufacture tubes with tight tolerances with the goal of delivering a product that reflects the highest quality standards

In order to make industrial tubing it is necessary to have tubes with tight tolerances of ovalisation and straightness.
To meet this need Eurotubi is able to offer tubes with tight tolerances compared to commercial standards.

Anyone who builds industrial tubing systems  knows how important it is to have tight tolerances of ovalization and straightness. Unlike the market standard, however, Eurotubi can surprise you by arriving at tolerances well below the commercial average. In fact, many companies are unable to provide non-standard products and this does not allow you to optimize your applications.

Eurotubi is able to offer you all the benefits of non-standard products by creating tubes for your application with tight tolerances compared to the commercial average.

Cutting to length

We produce tubes cut to a fixed length with the goal of eliminating processing waste and unnecessary production costs

Using tubes in commercial length often means incurring costs for high waste, in addition to this you must have expensive machines or equipment inside. Why waste time and spend money on logistics costs by having sub-suppliers do these jobs? Eurotubi is able to provide you with tubes cut to a fixed length without scrap and without costs.

Choosing tubes in commercial length means incurring very high costs for waste disposal or investing time and money in very expensive equipment. Sometimes the solution is to turn to sub-suppliers, but from our point of view incurring additional logistics costs by entrusting them with such processes does not optimize your internal processes.

Since 1995 Eurotubi has been committed to improving the production times of customers and their warehouse management thanks to the construction of tubes cut to a fixed length directly during production. Thanks to Eurotubi you will no longer have to spend time and money looking for sub-suppliers because we are able to provide you with tubes cut to fixed length without scrap and without additional costs.

Technical Support

Know-how and experience at your service

How many times have you found yourself in need of technical support and had no response from your suppliers ? Do not worry Eurotubi has a technical office that can support you and accompany you in your choices and can propose you solutions ” Tailor Made “, dimensional study and tolerances, steels with particular chemical and mechanical characteristics, customized, … for free and only for you!

One of the customer’s problems has always been to have technical assistance that meets their expectations and needs. Many times the customer is in a position to request technical support and has no response from the supplier. The supplier’s inefficiency can compromise the quality of your product.

Do not worry! Eurotubi makes sure that the pros who help our customers are well prepared. Each technician follows an intensive training program, a long period of tutoring and receives frequent feedback and evaluations on their work to maintain high performance. We can accompany you in your choices and offer you ” Tailor Made ” solutions: dimensional study and tolerances, steels with particular chemical and mechanical characteristics, tailor-made packaging, … FREE AND JUST FOR YOU!

Pre-galvanized tubes = Superior quality at lower costs

We manufacture tubes directly from galvanized strips with the goal of eliminating costs and qualitative uncertainties derived from hot-dip galvanization

In order make your products, you are often forced to buy black tubes, carry out all the processes and then at the end make the hot dip galvanizing. Eurotubi responds to this need by providing you with a wide range of tubes made from galvanized strip with the following advantages: 1) Eliminating hot-dip galvanization means eliminating a production step and consequently drastically reducing production costs 2) Superior quality without compromising on km 0 ; 3) Respect for the environment.

The TAZ tubes consist of pre-galvanized pipes that Eurotubi can provide with superior characteristics at the customer’s request.

Eurotubi can provide you with a wide range of tubes made from galvanized strip giving you the possibility of eliminating a production step, drastically reducing its costs.

One Stop Shop

We provide the full range of the market with the aim of helping you simplify the purchasing phase thanks to the advantage of having a dialogue with a single interlocutor.

Why spend time and money searching for different suppliers when you can find everything you need from us? Eurotubi has always aimed to promote the optimization of customer purchasing processes. In order to do this it has created a vast warehouse to provide everything a customer needs.

The search for new suppliers has always been a problem that pushes companies to coordinate internal departments in order to find the solution that best suits their needs. However, this process can be time-consuming and require considerable investment, which can be critical.

Starting today Eurotubi allows you to permanently simplify the procurement phase while optimizing your production time. We have created a large warehouse with the aim of guaranteeing you the full range you need directly from a single trusted partner!


Traceability management thanks to our MES and timely verification of raw materials thanks to our internal laboratory

Those who produce steel structures and buildings must have under control the complete traceability of the products and the quality that passes through the timely verification of the raw materials and the traceability of the processes and all the production phases. Thanks to the new MES system, Eurotubi manages all the production phases digitally, guaranteeing complete traceability of the products from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product.

Today, more than ever, the quality of raw materials and the operational workflow of a company is essential to assess its correct operation. However, many suppliers do not feel the need to provide these assurances and do not have a system of process traceability and analysis of raw materials.

Traceability is synonymous with safety and the enhancement of production. Thanks to the new MES system, Eurotubi manages all the production phases digitally, guaranteeing complete traceability of the products from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product.

Certified products

We use first quality raw materials with the aim of guaranteeing certified products and absolute safety

Product certifications are increasingly required for your applications. Thanks to our quality department and our own laboratory, Eurotubi is able to provide tested raw materials that comply with product requests and certifications.

manufactures industrial doors knows that having products certified by their suppliers is very important. More and more companies require greater security from their partners, but these companies do not always have internal laboratories able to analyze incoming materials and then provide all the relevant documentation.

Eurotubi is able to provide tested raw materials that comply with the requests and certifications of the products. In our internal laboratory we perform: Dimensional checks/Chemical analysis with spectrometer /Roughness analysis/Tensile tests/Burst tests/Raw material hardness measurements and coverage thickness checks in order to guarantee you products made with top quality materials.



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