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Direct contacts for commercial, technical, administrative requests.

General Management

  • contatti-diretti-fabrizio.jpg
    Fabrizio Roveri CEO


  • contatti-diretti-sabrina-def.jpg
    Sabrina Gandini Management control, financial planning and HR
  • contatti-diretti-daniela.jpg
    Daniela Zecchini General Accounting and Treasury
  • contatti-diretti-andrea.jpg
    Andrea Bonetti Purchasing Manager


  • contatti-diretti-simone.jpg
    Simone Antonioli Sales Manager
  • contatti-diretti-miriam.jpg
    Miriam de Eccher Eurotubi Sales
  • contatti-diretti-laura.jpg
    Laura Stanescu Jacob Back Office
  • contatti-diretti-lorenzo.jpg
    Lorenzo Bottura Eurotubi Sales
  • contatti-diretti-eleonora.jpg
    Eleonora Garusi Eurotubi and Jacob Back Office
  • Mattia Cortiglia_low.jpg
    Mattia Cortiglia Sales Jacob products
    Tel. +39 0386 41997 0114


  • contatti-diretti-adriana.jpg
    Adriana Forigo Logistics and Shipping
  • contatti-diretti-nicola.jpg
    Nicola Bottura Warehouse and Shipping

Quality and Technical Department

  • Ivan Zerbinati.jpg
    Ivan Zerbinati Operations Manager
  • contatti-diretti-eleonora.jpg
    Eleonora Marchini Quality, environment and safety
  • contatti-diretti-matteo.jpg
    Matteo Montagnini Technical and R&D Department


  • contatti-diretti-simone-bottura.jpg
    Simone Bottura Planning
  • contatti-diretti-simone-ferrarini.jpg
    Simone Ferrarin Production Manager
  • enrico-berti-2.jpg
    Enrico Berti Production manager