Combine harvester reels

Eurotubi offers a wide range of steel tubes to produce combine harvester reels.

To build an efficient and performing combine, the front roller part must be manufactured from light and straight tubes made of top quality steel.

Since 1995, Eurotubi boasts a special line of steel tubes dedicated to the building of combined harvester reels for the most prestigious manufacturers worldwide.

Lightweight tubes, expertise and technical support are just some of the benefits we provide our clients with. Suffice to know that our tubes reach up to 12 m (40 ft) length just to meet all our customers’ needs.

How can we benefit your business?

Big size

Tubes up to 12 m length with diameters up to 305 mm! our goal is to technically support our clients by helping them build gigantic agricultural machines

In recent years, farms have rapidly increased their size, pushing agricultural machines’ providers to build enormous combine harvesters.

At Eurotubi we produce tubes up to 12 m length with diameters up to 305 mm to provide technical support to our clients by helping them build gigantic combine harvesters!

Cut to size

We manufacture cut to size tubes with the aim of getting rid of processing waste and reduce production costs

Choosing tubes in standard measures means bearing very high costs for the processing waste disposal, and investing time and money for the acquisition of new machines. The solution could be starting a collaboration with new providers, but this implies even more costs, and it doesn’t benefit the company’s internal processes.

Since 1995, Eurotubi helps its customers to improve their production time and stock management. We manufacture cut to size tubes directly during manufacturing to avoid processing waste and unwanted costs. Thanks to Eurotubi, you won’t be spending more time looking for new providers as we can manage all the stages internally.


We provide customized packaging and we eliminate the risk of damage to the product

Moving and handling tubes is an extremely delicate task. However, these products are traditionally shipped in standard packaging, that don’t guarantee their integrity.

For several years now, Eurotubi studies safe and reliable packaging systems. Every day, our technical department develops customized packaging to let you receive intact products without damages.

3D Laser cut

We perform customized workings with the best 3d laser available on the market to speed up the production process and provide you with a finished or semi-finished product

To carry out customized preparation workings on tubes’ surface, producers tend to work with many professionals. Otherwise, they invest in very expensive machines and equipment to perform these workings by themselves. Whichever solution they prefer, it always requires significant investments.

Eurotubi can become your single partner! We provide you with a finished or semi-finished tube, ready for the specific application. By so doing, we will be able to improve your production times, warehouse management and getting certain costs.


Traceability is always guaranteed thanks to our mes system. our laboratory performs precise checks of raw materials daily.

Nowadays, the quality of raw materials and the need to provide more and more safety are increasingly relevant. However, many suppliers don’t have a tracking system, or they aren’t able to perform raw material’s analysis.

Thanks to the new MES system, Eurotubi is able to digitally manage all the production stages and guarantee the complete tracking of its products, from the check in of raw materials to the shipment of the finished tube. To us, tracking means safety and production enhancement.

Reduced tolerances

We manufacture tubes with precise tolerances to deliver a product that reflects the highest quality standards.

Those who produce combine harvester reels know how important it is to have tight ovality and straightness tolerances. However, the difficult availability of non-standard products limits industry professionals.

Eurotubi is able to offer you all the benefits of non-standard products by manufacturing tubes for your application with close tolerances compared to the commercial average.


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