Industrial Doors

Eurotubi supplies some of the most important industrial doors’ manufacturers wordlwide with high-quality tubes.

In general, industrial doors feature an upper rotor, made of a steel tube with special characteristics. Thanks to its expertise and ongoing research, Eurotubi can offer lightweight, wear-resistant and perfectly straight galvanized tubes for roller shutter doors’ construction.

Since 1995, Eurotubi has been providing the manufacturers of these doors with technical assistance and state-of-the-art products in order to meet all their needs.

How can we benefit your business?

lightweight = cost-saving

We manufacture lightweight tubes to improve product handling and reduce operational and transportation costs

Working alongside with industry professionals every day, we know that lightweight is is a fundamental characteristic for manufacturers. This because a light tube means also better handling and less production costs.

Eurotubi has always been producing high technology products that allow its customers to save money. That’s why we manufacture ultra-thin tubes, lower than the commercial average which are more practical, safer and cheaper.

Reduced tolerances

We manufacture tubes with reduced tolerances to deliver a product that reflects the highest quality standards.

Those who produce industrial doors know how important it is to have tight ovality and straightness tolerances. However, the difficult availability of non-standard products limits industry professionals.

Eurotubi is able to offer you all the benefits of non-standard products by manufacturing tubes for your application with close tolerances compared to the commercial average.



Choosing tubes in standard measures means bearing very high costs for the processing waste disposal, and investing time and money for the acquisition of new machines. The solution could be starting a collaboration with new providers, but this implies even more costs, and it doesn’t benefit the company’s internal processes.

Since 1995, Eurotubi helps its customers to improve their production time and stock management. We manufacture cut to size tubes directly during manufacturing to avoid processing waste and unwanted costs. Thanks to Eurotubi, you won’t be spending more time looking for new providers as we can manage all the stages internally.

Technical support

Know how and expertise at your service

How many times have you needed technical assistance, but you didn’t get an answer from your partner and suppliers? As you know, a good provider must be experienced enough to offer an all-round technical support. That’s why communication and collaboration are of paramount importance.

Eurotubi’s professionals are well-formed and qualified to provide an excellent customer support, help you find what you need by offering you tailored made solutions as well. Our technical department is available to analyze steel’s chemical and mechanical characteristics, study new tolerances and dimensional needs, customized packing solutions and much more. This is the all-round and completely free service that we provide our customers with, for more than 25 years!

Pre-galvanized tubes = superior quality

We manufacture our tubes from galvanized steel strips to avoid all the uncertainties caused by the hot dip galvanization.

Industry professionals are increasingly oriented to buy hot-rolled tubes, perform all the workings internally and then rely on a new company to carry out the hot dip galvanization. Unfortunately, the result is not always as expected, and the risk of getting a poor quality and more expensive product is very high.

Eurotubi can supply an extremely wide range of tubes made from galvanized steel strips, to reduce costs and thus delete a production stage. Our uncompromising choice of local and eco-friendly materials guarantees the highest quality standards.

One stop shop

We provide the whole market range to help you streamline the purchase process thanks to the advantage of dealing with a single partner

The search for suppliers is one of the most difficult and delicate phase in every company, especially in very specialized ones. This process, however, can present various critical issues due to the long lead times and large investments involved.

Eurotubi helps you to streamline the purchase process while optimizing your production times. We have created a vast warehouse with the goal of guaranteeing you the entire range you need directly from a single, trusted partner!

Certified products

We use certified raw materials to guarantee controlled products and total safety

Those who build industrial doors’ know that getting certified products from their suppliers is a priority. In fact, nowadays there’s an increasing number of companies looking for higher safety standards and more certainties.

Eurotubi uses only tested raw materials, in compliance with the requirements of the sector, and it provides the respective products certifications. In our laboratory we perform: dimensional checks; chemical analysis of raw materials by spectrometer, analysis of surface quality; tensile tests and burst test and hardness measurement by durometer. It’s a matter of absolute safety!


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