Irrigation systems

Eurotubi produces a wide range of carbon steel tubes used for the construction of irrigation systems. Performance, cost savings, reliability, and precision are just some of the advantages we can offer to industry professionals.

Eurotubi can provide both hot-rolled and cold-rolled tubes, as well as galvanized tubes, which are often used for the construction of Pivot, T pieces, and accessories especially designed for irrigation purposes.

Moreover, our tubes can be matched with all world standards such as Bauer, Perrot, Kardan, Victaulic and many other systems.

The main feature of our tubes for irrigation systems is their ultra-lightness and super-thin thicknesses, which enables us to optimize costs, without foregoing quality.

How can we benefit your business?


our tubes are manufactured from excellent galvanized steel. in this way, we are sure of providing you with the highest quality products

Usually buying tubes which are not suitable for the galvanization process means taking the risk of getting poor quality products with a bumpy outside surface. This also means spending much money. Is it worth?

Eurotubi manufactures tubes from steel perfectly suited to the galvanization process, which implies:

  • Minimum amount of zinc = reduced costs of galvanization;
  • A top quality final product, without any residual remnants on the outer surface;
  • An eco-friendly production, with a reduced use of zinc and lead.

Our work is based on the uncompromising choice of materials made by our technical department.

Technical support

know how and expertise at your service

How many times have you needed technical assistance, but you didn’t get an answer from your partner and suppliers? As you know, a good provider must be experienced enough to offer an all-round technical support. That’s why communication and collaboration are of paramount importance.

Eurotubi’s professionals are well-formed and qualified to provide an excellent customer support, help you find what you need by offering you tailored made solutions as well. Our technical department is available to analyze steel’s chemical and mechanical characteristics, study new tolerances and dimensional needs, customized packing solutions and much more. This is the all-round and completely free service that we provide our customers with, for more than 25 years!


We only use eco-friendly raw materials

Sustainability is, now more than ever, one of the underpinning values of modern societies. Protect the environment to leave a healthier and cleaner world to our children is more than a simple desire.

Eurotubi has always been committed to fighting the climate change and taking measures to respect our planet. We only use low impact raw materials, reduced zinc and lead in tubes’ manufacturing, and we rely on some green production methods.

Compliance with all standards

We supply the entire market range to help you make the purchase processes easier and faster with the advantage of dealing with a single partner

Every day we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to understand their difficulties and doubts. We realized that providing you with the entire market range directly from a single partner would be a great solution!

Eurotubi enables you to permanently streamline and speed up your purchase process thanks to our wide range of products. At Eurotubi you can find everything you need, so if you are looking for a single trusted partner, here we are!


We manufacture superior quality tubes with the aim of making our products reliable and long-lasting

Usually, faulty and not-tested tubes can compromise the results of your work. Thus, it’s very important to minimize this risk by selecting experienced suppliers who test their products with innovative and cutting-edge tools to make you reach the standards of excellence you were looking for.

Rely on Eurotubi to minimize the risk of getting faulty and poor quality tubes. All our products are of the highest quality and carefully tested by means of the innovative Eddy Current Testing, which enables us to identify and correct any eventual superficial defect in conductive materials. At Eurotubi we make sure the welding is perfect so that we can guarantee a reliable and long-lasting tube.

Lightweight = Cost-saving

We manufacture super light tubes, which are easy to handle and reduce production costs

Working alongside with industry professionals, we know that lightweight is a fundamental characteristic for manufacturers.

Eurotubi has always been producing high technology products that allow its customers to save money. That’s why we manufacture ultra-thin tubes, lower than the commercial, average which are more practical, safer and cheaper.


a vast warehouse for our clients

Getting all the tubes quickly is an unparalleled advantage. In this sector, time is the key to taking the order or making the project.

Eurotubi relies on a warehouse of more than 20.000 sq. to guarantee a huge product availability. We are aware that your success comes from our stock availability and delivery times. Hence, we have widened the quantities and qualities of tubes in stock ready for dispatch!

Certified products

We use certified raw materials to guarantee controlled products and total safety

Those who build irrigation systems know that getting certified products from their suppliers is a priority. In fact, nowadays there’s an increasing number of companies looking for higher safety standards and more certainties.

Eurotubi uses only tested raw materials, in compliance with the requirements of the sector, and it provides the respective products certifications. In our laboratory we perform: dimensional checks; chemical analysis of raw materials by spectrometer, analysis of surface quality; tensile tests and burst test and hardness measurement by durometer. It’s a matter of absolute safety!


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