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Technical department, Laboratory and Quality controls

Technical Department. EUROTUBI’s entire production is managed and supported by the Technical Department, starting from the analysis of customers’ requirements. While preparing an offer, we analyze and simulate processing technologies and methods, through the 3D modelling and CAD-CAM. Our technical department studies customized solutions also for services such as new packaging and new transport systems.

Laboratory. The certification of raw material and of the entire production process has always been a prerequisite for the quality of the final product and consequently for our customers’ satisfaction. Traceability, guaranteed by the marking and recording of materials in all stages of the manufacturing process, enables us to trace the product history at any time.

Quality controls. The quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance for us, that’s why our laboratory performs:

  • Dimensional checks
  • Chemical analysis of raw materials by spectrometer
  • Chemical analysis of emulsions used during the production
  • Analysis of surface quality (roughness tester)
  • Mechanical characteristics (tensile tests and burst test)
  • Steel hardness measurement by durometer

Traceability is guaranteed during all stages of the manufacturing process.

We encourage ongoing development and improvement

To guarantee the success of our quality leadership, we encourage ongoing development and improvement. By so doing we can:

  • manufacture products that satisfy customers’ expectations
  • guarantee the quality of our products and their timely delivery
  • optimize and improve our service

We constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system to meet our customers’ demands.

We can provide the following certificates:

  • Declaration of compliance Type 2.1
  • Test report Type 2.2
  • Inspection certificate Type 3.1
  • Inspection certificate Type 3.2

We can provide on request:

  • Material certificates;
  • Reports and special tests;
  • Studies for special applications;
  • Non-destructive Eddy Current test.


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