Screw conveyors

Exceed market standards with our tubes for screw conveyors

Eurotubi is specialized in the production of hot-rolled, black and galvanized tubes, which are used to build the outside tube of tubular screw conveyors for the most renowned customers.

Screw conveyors, also known as augers, are a highly versatile transportation system, widely used in agriculture, to convey all types of bulk materials such as cereals.

Eurotubi is able to exceed the market standards, by offering tubes up to 305 mm (12″) diameter and 12 m length (40 ft).

How can we benefit your business?

Cut to size

We manufacture cut to size tubes with the aim of getting rid of processing waste and reduce production costs

Choosing tubes in standard measures means bearing very high costs for the processing waste disposal, and investing time and money for the acquisition of new machines. The solution could be starting a collaboration with new providers, but this implies even more costs, and it doesn’t benefit the company’s internal processes.

Since 1995, Eurotubi helps its customers to improve their production time and stock management. We manufacture cut to size tubes directly during manufacturing to avoid processing waste and unwanted costs. Thanks to Eurotubi, you won’t be spending more time looking for new providers as we can manage all the stages internally.

3D laser cut

We perform customized workings with the best 3d laser available on the market to speed up the production process and provide you with a finished or semi-finished product

To carry out customized preparation workings on tubes’ surface, producers tend to work with many professionals. Otherwise, they invest in very expensive machines and equipment to perform these workings by themselves. Whichever solution they prefer, it always requires significant investments.

Eurotubi can become your single partner! We provide you with a finished or semi-finished tube, ready for the specific application. By so doing, we will be able to improve your production times, warehouse management and getting certain costs.


a vast warehouse for our clients

Getting all the tubes quickly is an unparalleled advantage. In this sector, time is the key to taking the order or making the project.

Eurotubi relies on a warehouse of more than 20.000 sq. to guarantee a huge product availability. We are aware that your success comes from our stock availability and delivery times. Hence, we have widened the quantities and qualities of tubes in stock ready for dispatch!

Pre-galvanized tubes = superior quality

We manufacture our tubes from galvanized steel strips to avoid all the uncertainties caused by the hot dip galvanization.

Industry professionals are increasingly oriented to buy black tubes, perform all the workings internally and then rely on a new company to carry out the hot dip galvanization. Unfortunately, the result is not always as expected, and the risk of getting a poor quality and more expensive product is very high.

Eurotubi can supply an extremely wide range of tubes made from galvanized steel strips, to reduce costs and thus delete a production stage. Our uncompromising choice of local and eco-friendly materials guarantees the highest quality standards.

One Stop Shop

We provide the whole market range to help you streamline the purchase process thanks to the advantage of dealing with a single partner

The search for suppliers is one of the most difficult and delicate phase in every company, especially in very specialized ones. In fact, this process can present various critical issues due to the long lead times and large investments involved.

Eurotubi helps you to streamline the purchase process while optimizing your production times. We have created a vast warehouse with the goal of guaranteeing you the entire range you need directly from a single, trusted partner!


We manufacture superior quality tubes with the aim of making our products reliable and long-lasting

Faulty and not-tested tubes can compromise the results of your work. To minimize this risk, it’s very important to select experienced suppliers, which test their products with innovative and cutting-edge tools. By so doing, you can reach the standards of excellence you were looking for.

Rely on Eurotubi to minimize the risk of getting faulty and poor quality tubes. All our products are of the highest quality and carefully tested by means of the innovative Eddy Current Testing, which enables us to identify and correct any eventual superficial defect in conductive materials. At Eurotubi we make sure the welding is perfect so that we can guarantee a reliable and long-lasting tube.

Smooth internal surface

We remove the inner welding seam to avoid the risk of small particles coming off and entering the product flow. it’s all about total safety.

In screw conveyors, the inner welding seam can cause problems to the motion of the internal rotating flight. Usually, the friction between the two parts increases the wear, and causes small steel particles to come off and enter product flow.

Eurotubi has always been interested in the dynamics that have a direct impact on its product safety. For this reason, our company provides you with fin cut tubes with smooth internal surface. This means:

  • Total safety
  • Product purity
  • Increased quality standards


We manufacture extra light tubes, which are easy to handle and a cost-effective solution

Screw conveyor producers consider lightweight a fundamental characteristic. Even though, finding extra light, resistant and robust tubes is not easy.

Our expertise can offer a wide range of thin tubes to meet all your needs. By working with our tubes, you will discover all the benefits of lightweight products, which are easy to handle and assemble. Get rid of heavy support facilities thanks to Eurotubi!


Extra light tubes, wear-resistant steel, pre-galvanized tubes and tailored made solutions

Getting top quality products at affordable price is a priority for industry professionals. However, this is a quite complicated task since many companies supply only trade standard products.

Eurotubi supplies a wide range of extra light tubes, which wall thickness is thinner than trade standards. Moreover, our pre-galvanized tubes can absorb production costs. This assures you substantial savings and improves your purchasing process. We are always at your disposal to project and design tailored-made tubes and accessories.


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