Innovation and research have always been the backbone of Eurotubi. We have never been a simple tube manufacturer; on the contrary, we work hard to differentiate ourselves by offering valuable and cutting-edge solutions that make our company a high-tech reality. Thus, from our constant desire to improve, the patent-pending Eurotubi’s High Performance Turbulator was born. Today we are proud to present a groundbreaking in-house developed device, which can really enhance our customers’ gas-fired tube heaters.

Our goals, your benefits

In radiant tube heaters, the first part of the system right after the burner – in general within 3 meters – is usually subject to very high temperatures, which can reach up to 800° C. These temperatures, combined with the continuous on/off cycles, generate significant thermal stress on the radiant tube, which over time can lead to tube breakage at its joints.

To overcome this problem, some manufacturers opt for placing a 1 to 3 m stainless steel tube inside the radiant one, right after the burner, while others go for 3-meters helical turbulator, which is a twisted steel strip inserted inside the radiant tube and fixed with a small weld.

However, both technical solutions currently in use present some drawbacks. With our High Performance Turbulator, we developed a cut-edge alternative designed to:

  • Increase radiant tube heaters efficiency by better distributing the flame, and therefore the heat generated, which assumes a helical movement inside the tube;
  • Extend tube heaters life cycle thanks to higher protection of first part of the radiant tube from high temperatures;
  • Provide a more compact and lightweight design, easy to install even in existing heating systems;
  • Offer an easy to disassemble product that enables radiant tubes cleaning to get the best performance;

Innovation at first sight

Eurotubi’s stainless steel with 1 mm wall thickness and up to 2 m length is manufactured using a 3D laser system according to a specific design.

At both ends (A), we find fins sticking out from the outer diameter of the turbulator, which are used to lock it inside the radiant tube, following the direction of insertion.

Lengthwise, notches are made at regular intervals, which are then bent inwards (B).

At the end of the production process, looking inside the turbulator, all the plates will form a kind of helix (C), causing the heat to take on a helical movement.

High Performance Turbulator_Eurotubi_design

Why is it important to improve the energy efficiency of your system?

Nowadays, energy efficiency has become a major challenge in almost all industrial sectors. Offering a product that can help our customers achieve their business goals has always been part of our mission, and our new Turbulator is certainly no exception. Thus, we have worked hard to provide our customers with the following advantages:

  • Greater financial savings: More efficient radiant tubes enable fuel savings, thus reducing operating costs. In general, the payback time of our turbulators is already visible in a few months.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: using energy-efficient radiant tubes helps reduce CO2 emissions: by consuming less energy, in fact, carbon emissions decrease.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations: complying with stringent environmental regulations will be much easier with our turbulator. In addition, more efficient plants allow you to improve your productivity, and thus market share.

Did we catch your eye?

If you are eager to learn more about this product innovation, download our technical report or contact us for more information!

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