Planting a tree has a deep symbolic meaning, and do it in front of our company means even more. This action is a metaphor for life: the tree has its roots in the soil, grows, and develops its branches toward the sky, changing color and shape as the seasons pass.

In Western culture, the tree stands for renascence and rebirth, which is why our CEO, Fabrizio Roveri, has thought of building one in memory of Ralf Jacob, his friend and colleague, founder of Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co Group of which Eurotubi is the exclusive Italian partner since 1994.


The Structure

Eurotubi tree is made entirely of steel, the material we transform and use every day to produce our tubes. Its foliage, on the other hand, consists of an impressive jasmine, while a bench and a small lawn has been placed at its base. Finally, two commemorative plaques have been affixed to the front of the trunk, so that anyone passing by our company can understand the deep meaning of this sculpture.

The Meaning

For us, our tree represents strength and the ability to deal with the life’s adversity, but it is also a symbol of beauty, harmony, and passion for our work.

Eurotubi tree is the respect for people and for everything that surrounds us, it is innovation, it is the desire to outdo through ongoing improvement. It is also a recognition for all the women and men who over these years have contributed in creating what Eurotubi is today.

These are the values that guide us every day and that always encourage us to look to the future with optimism.

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