A new commitment with our customers and the environment 

At Eurotubi we are always committed to continuous improvement, without forgetting the respect for the environment.

For this reason, from September, we will introduce an improved packaging system for our steel tubes produced in commercial lengths, as to say 6 – 12 m (20 – 40 ft). This change will make our packaging more stable, efficient and, above all, eco-friendly since it will enable us to reduce our wood consumption of about 20%.


A relevant part in this project will be played by all large diameter tubes. Indeed, the packaging of tubes with big diameters between 150 m and 305 mm (6′, 8′, 10 and 12′ inch) is the one requiring the largest amount of wood. In particular, our new eco-friendly packing system includes wooden saddles specifically designed for overseas shipments that foresees a general reduction and standardization of the packaging size.

This will allow us to:

  • Optimize the loading of our trucks by improving the “loading factor";
  • Increase the loading security;
  • Better fractionate our customers’ orders;
  • Reduce wood consumption by 20%.

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